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Dining near Eureka Springs, AR

Cottage Inn

If you’re in the mood for delicious, authentic Mediterranean cuisine, You’ll want to visit the Cottage Inn Restaurant on the quiet side of Eureka Springs, AK. Fresh food and the use of traditional herbs and spices used in Greece, Spain, France, and Italy are used in all of their menu items. They also have a wide variety of wines you can pair with your meal to give you and authentic European experience.

Grotto Wood Fired Grill-Wine Cave

When you step into the Grotto Wood Fired Grill-Wine Cave, your nose will immediately fill with the aroma of the wood-fired grill. This beautiful and unique restaurant is a full sensory experience. Form the Cave aesthetic to the combination of robust smells and tastes; this restaurant is truly like no other place you’ll ever experience in Eureka Springs, AK.

Le Stick Nouveau

Not only is the food at Le Stick Nouveau elegant and well prepared, but the restaurant itself has an exciting story of whoa and perseverance. Formerly known as the Candlestick Inn, it was business as usual until a tornado destroyed the Candlestick Inn in 2012. After much time and determination, the new location was opened and has thrived ever since. Boasting a five-star rating and always filling reservations. For the best in fine dining in Eureka Springs, AK, be sure to visit Le Stick Nouveau.

Local Flavor Cafe

When visiting Historic Downtown Eureka Springs, AK, be sure to stop in at the Local Flavor Cafe for an eclectic and quiet dining experience. All of their unique menu items are made fresh for lunch, dinner, and Sunday brunch. The artistic atmosphere makes this a warm and welcoming place to enjoy some of the best food that Eureka Spring has to offer.
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