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Bear Mountain Riding Stable and Dude Ranch

If you want to experience the Ozark Mountain the best way possible, you’ll want to visit Bear Mountain Stables. They’ll take you along on a One-hour horseback ride that's suitable for all ages and experiences.

Belle of the Ozarks

Are you ready to relax and enjoy the outdoors? Take a soothing tour on a Beaver Lake Cruise. On this cruise, you’ll get to see some fantastic sights. Some of their most famous sights are the ancient burial ground, a submerged homestead, and 200 acres of preserved land.

Blue Springs Heritage Center

While you’re visiting Eureka Springs, you’ll want to stop by the Blue Spring Heritage Center to learn about the complex history of the region. You’ll walk upon the ground of the Cherokee people during the trail of tears. You’ll also get to see the beauty of the Blue Spring as is pours into the trout-filled lagoon below.

Cosmic Cavern

One of the most beautiful natural attractions in the state of Arkansas is the Cosmic Cavern in Berryville. The cave was discovered in 1845 and was later developed in 1927. Tours are held throughout the year and last for about an hour and 15 minutes. The formation in the cavern has been so well preserved that the formations are transparent!

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

The Crystal Bridges Museum of American Arts is the premier spot to enjoy the beauty of nature and art together. This unique venue is located in Bentonville, AR, and provides year-round lectures, performances, classes, and continuing education for all ages.

Dogwood Canyon

Just over the Arkansas Missouri border is Dogwood Canyon Nature Park. This beautiful park provides its guests with a lot of fun adventures that are fun for all ages. They have biking trails, fishing spots, horseback riding, segway tours, wildlife tours, and private tours. Make your reservations today!

Eureka Springs & North Arkansas Railway

Take a trip back in time at the Eureka Springs & North Arkansas Railway. On exhibit are 1940 era diesel Locomotives. You’ll be able to watch a functional turntable operate as it turns around one of their massive locomotives. You can also enjoy a luxury dining experience in their elegant, Eurekan Dining Car.

Eureka Springs Historical Museum

Eureka Springs has a rich and interesting history. This story has been preserved and displayed at the Eureka Springs Historical Museum in Eureka Springs, AR. Learn about the discovery of Basin Springs and how the town grew around these pure and clean bodies of water. When you visit Eureka Springs Historical Museum, You’ll learn why its called “The City that Water Built” in this Victorian-era haven.

Eureka Springs Trolley Tour

Eureka Springs saw its first public transit system in 1891. The city was able to organize 10 mules powered street cars. A few short years later the carts transitioned into motorized power. And with in 25 years, the automobile soon phased out this elaborate transportation system . However, it never feels out of view in the history of Eureka Springs. When you take one of the transportation tours, you get to experience what it was like to get around in this historic city.

Ghost Tours

Do you like getting the chills from a spooky experience? Visit America's Most Haunted Hotel for a genuinely frightening tour. You never know what you'll encounter in these untenanted halls. You may come face to face with the ghosts of the morgue or find yourself being followed by the girl in the mist. Do you have the nerve to make it all the way through?

Kings River Golf Course

If you love bentgrass greens and a beautiful view of the Ozark Mountains, you'll want to tee up at Kings River Golf Course. This 18-hole public golf course is a fun and challenging course for golfers of all abilities. The relaxing atmosphere and friendly and professional staff will make your golfing experience one to remember. .

Quigley's Castle

Quigley's Castle, also known as the Ozarks Strangest Dwelling, is, well, just that, strange. The history of this house is a fun and unique as the house itself. You'll hear the tale of a mother and her children demolishing their house to build their dream home. It's no wonder that this spot is a popular destination for visitors.

The Great Passion Play

Eureka Springs is home to Americas #1 attended Outdoor Drama. The Great Passion Play is an immersive tale of Jesus Christ and his last days on earth. This performance has been being performed since 1968 in the beautiful Ozark Mountains in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. This thrilling epic drama is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Thorncrown Chapel

This forty-eight-foot tall chapel is nestled in the woodline of the Ozark mountains. This stunning wooden structure contains 420 windows and over 6,000 square feet of glass. You’ll be hypnotized by the beautiful architecture and its sophisticated design of dynamic lines and shapes.

Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge

The Turpentine Creek Wilderness Refuge has made it their mission to provide lifelong protection and refuge for abused and neglected tigers, lions, leopards, and cougars. They also prove the public with education about animal ethics and ending the Exotic Animal Trade, so places like TCWR won’t be necessary for the future.

War Eagle Mill

Established in 1982, the War Eagle Mill was erected by an enthusiastic pioneer couple. They provided the early settlers with fresh, natural food and the ability to mill corn and lumber. This Mill has earned a place in history by surviving against all the odds. It was rebuilt after being destroyed during the Civil War. This Mill has been rebuilt a total of four times and is still a popular tourist attraction to this day.
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